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The 27nd International Oil and Gas Equipment and Technology Exhibition
Jan 01,1970

From May 16th to 20th, 2023, the 27nd International Oil and Gas Equipment and Technology Exhibition was held in Teheran, Iran. The exhibition attracted so many exhibitors and industry experts from around the world to participate.
As one of the representatives of Chinese petrochemical equipment manufacturers, Handsome showcased petrochemical equipment and components to global customers, especially the high-speed pump series, which is one of the most representative and technologically advanced products in the global petrochemical industry. At the exhibition, a large number of customers came to visit, and many orders were sold at the exhibition site.


While reaching cooperation intentions with numerous customers, it also communicated and discussed with peers, learned about the latest trends in the petrochemical equipment industry, expanded its horizons, and brought new opportunities for Handsome’s future development in the international market.


As one of the representatives of the "going out" of China's petrochemical equipment manufacturing enterprises, Handsome firmly seized the opportunities of this era, actively explored overseas markets, led high-end petrochemical equipment to accelerate the "going out to sea", focused on intelligent manufacturing, promoted the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and based on the new development stage, went out of the country to the international market.