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Technological innovation||Shanghai Jiaotong University postdoctoral investigation and negotiation
Jan 01,1970

On the morning of June 23, the Shanghai Jiaotong University Jiaxing Postdoctoral Workstation Special Matchmaking Conference was jointly organized by Jiaxing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Shanghai Jiaotong University Jiaxing Science and Technology Park in Longemont. Zhejiang Handesun Intelligent Remanufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the meeting as a representative enterprise of the postdoctoral workstation in Jiaxing Port District.



Sheng Jiefei, deputy director of the Organization Department of the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China and executive deputy director of the Talent Office of the Municipal Party Committee, and Zheng Sixun, deputy dean of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. And introduce the talent policy. Guided by "precise introduction of talents, targeted use of talents, and intentional retention of talents", this activity adheres to the principle of matching supply and demand of talents and workstations, stimulates the greatest cooperation momentum with the best fit, and realizes the deep integration of industry, education and research, and jointly Create a new era of talent cultivation community.


(General Manager Chen Shu talks with postdoctoral fellow of Shanghai Jiaotong University)

Technology strong enterprise
Handerson implements the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with science and technology, and is always looking for high-tech talents. This time, the general manager Chen Shu personally participated in the matchmaking meeting, and communicated face-to-face with the postdoctoral fellows of Shanghai Jiaotong University. On the one hand, he introduced the postdoctoral fellows of Handerson The talent introduction needs of workstations, on the one hand, understand their employment intentions, etc. Mr. Chen explained sincerely, cheerfully, and in detail, so that postdoctoral fellows could feel Hande St.'s thirst for talents, and expressed their desire to visit the company on the spot.



In the afternoon, five postdoctoral fellows from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhao Guoping, Chu Tongjiao, He Lin, Feng Yueqiao, and Jin Xinyuan, visited Handesheng Company. Director Wang Jinchao of Jiaxing Port District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, general manager Chen Shu, and chief scientist Dr. Xie Yujiang warmly received them. Dr. Xie has been engaged in scientific research work and welcomes the arrival of juniors and sisters very much. Dr. Xie said that the research and development of enterprises is not the same as that of universities and colleges. Enterprise research and development should be combined with actual needs to solve practical problems and be applied in practice. Orientation; while scientific research in colleges and universities may be used to publish more papers. Handerson has many well-known domestic chemical enterprise customers. With this platform, you can combine production, education and research well. Welcome to carry out in-depth cooperation with Handerson.





Through on-the-spot visits and on-site exchanges, the five postdoctoral fellows felt that Hande St.’s additive manufacturing and remanufacturing business was fully in line with their majors. They learned that Hande St. is at the forefront of the equipment life cycle management platform in China. The five postdoctoral fellows expressed their willingness The idea of a close partnership with Hudson St. Mr. Chen said that Hande St. has always insisted on independent research and development. R & D is the foundation of our life. Hande St. has no upper limit on R&D investment. Contribute to the development of manufacturing business. Wang Bureau of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Jiaxing Port District said that the government serves enterprises and talents. Jiaxing Port District welcomes you to come and will provide you with one-stop convenient services in all aspects of work and life. Welcome everyone and Dear friends, come to Jiaxing Port Area.

After the meeting, the postdoctoral fellow of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Handerson and the Hong Kong government agreed to establish an in-depth cooperative relationship and promote the cooperation as soon as possible. In the next step, Handerson will cooperate with Shanghai Jiaotong University to carry out in-depth research on additive manufacturing technology, thermal spraying technology, cold metal transition remanufacturing technology, thermal spraying technology, optimized manufacturing technology, online subtractive technology, and special powder material development. Cooperation, to provide petrochemical enterprises with the best equipment maintenance solutions, and jointly promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and industrial innovation.